UTS Silicone

Miracle touch

We have unique innovative thinking and spirit, and passion for products. In this corporate culture, we are not limited by the thinking of traditional industries. Through the joint cooperation of R&D, production, quality assurance, and business teams, we continue to create Stunning, innovative and high-quality products, and narrow the distance between people through products.

UTS Creativity


01 product design

We have a new design and innovation concept,
Has obtained 83+ patents for R&D expertise

02 Process planning

For the world’s largest technical clothing manufacturer to supply decorative parts, innovation, design and development are regarded as the most important things in product production.

03 Mold development

Create unique products on the market, constantly break through technical barriers, and maintain the highest level of design quality.

04 Manufacturing molding

Provide you with manufacturability design and manufacturing analysis before mass production.

05 Product processing

Integrate diversified manufacturing processes for you, saving you time and effort.

06 Assembly inspection

Complete mold opening review process and mold flow analysis reduce the risk of failure in mold development.


Innovative R&D and Design

The new design innovation concept has obtained 83+ patents, and it continues to invest in new technologies and new machines every year.

Efficient process integration

Complete manufacturing process and mold flow analysis reduce the risk during development, increase yield and reduce manufacturing costs.

Brand competitive advantage

Lizhao is a clothing accessory manufacturer with long-term cooperation with major sports brands. Lizhao is not hesitating to invest in new technologies and equipment.

Strictly control quality inspection

Upholding customers’ emphasis on product quality, upholding quality is the most basic promise of Lizhao to customers.

Enhance the customer’s brand value,
The most important thing for Lizhao

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